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Residential and Commercial Strata Corporation Financing


Matching private lenders with business owners for business financing


Up to 100% of purchase price a lender for good will purchases


Unsecured Business Loans – Vancouver


At Unsecured Business Loans – Vancouver, our motto is Canadians Helping Canadians.  We know that for many business owners, accessing adequate financing can be challenging and we are dedicated to helping our clients get the funding they need.  Owner-operator Leagh Wright is a licensed mortgage broker with more than 5 years’ experience in the lending business during which time she discovered many business owners that need capital but can’t get it.  To that end, Unsecured Business Loans – Vancouver offers unsecured business loans, strata corporation financing, and financing for goodwill purchases.

We serve Canadians across the country…

Serving myriad industries across Canada, Unsecured Business Loans – Vancouver is an independent organization that matches private lenders with business owners seeking extra financing.   Unsecured loan terms vary anywhere up to 1 year at 20% including commissions.  These loans are ideal for individuals that cannot get approval for bank loans or may only be approved for a portion of the financing they require.  At Unsecured Business Loans –Vancouver, we serve Canadians across the country for all their lending needs including bridge loans and short-term loans.  We have experience serving a wide variety of industries:

  • Construction
  • Legal firms
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and gas
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Food and beverage
  • Textiles
  • Technology
  • And more.

Additionally, we are proud to offer Strata Corporation financing as well as financing for goodwill purchase.  Strata corporation financing is ideal for those corporations seeking affordable financing for maintenance, upgrades, or renovations.  These unsecured commercial loans are available at lower financing rates of approximately 7% and make an excellent alternative to traditional bank loans with strict lending policies.

Similarly, goodwill purchase financing allows business or individuals to access lending for intangible assets.  For example, professionals purchasing established practices in industries such as accounting, dentistry, or other health fields can access financing rates of approximately 7%.  When it comes to getting lending for these and other assets that do not offer tangible collateral, goodwill purchase financing is the best alternative to bank loans which are most often inaccessible.

Ultimately, Unsecured Business Loans – Vancouver is dedicated to matching business owners and professionals to affordable loans to see entrepreneurs flourish in Canada.



If Strata’s are not doing the repairs the could lose their insurance policy which jepardizes their mortgage contract.

This is currently impacting the mortgage industry and offers of sale are collapsing.

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Leagh Wright – BGS


Leagh Wright is a licensed mortgage broker and in 2013, she cut her teeth in the lending business as a commercial mortgage broker at Gold Capital.

After several years as a mortgage broker, her desire to help business owners pushed her further into new waters.  She felt restricted in her ability to serve many clients who struggled to access the capital they need to realize their business potential.  Once she identified this niche market, she quickly set upon finding creative solutions to financing woes and ventured into a new realm of matching qualified applicants with unsecured business loans, financing for goodwill purchases, and strata corporation financing.

Canadians Helping Canadians…

True to her unwavering ethical standards and her commitment to compassion and service, the tag line of her company is Canadians Helping Canadians.  Since embarking on this new journey, Ms. Wright has helped business owners across Canada access private lending in a wide range of industries including construction, education, transportation, and more.  Her experience as a licensed mortgage broker, as well as her unquestionable commitment to helping others make her uniquely poised to assist her fellow Canadians with their financing needs.

When Ms. Wright isn’t helping Canadians, she is most likely to lace up her skates and hit the ice.  She finds skating exhilarating and meditative – not only does the sport allow her to clear her mind, but it also keeps her focused so she is better equipped to provide her clients with the undivided attention they deserve.  At the end of the day, she knows that serving her clients well with trustworthy and accurate support is the cornerstone not only to their success but also her own.

Reviews – What our Clients Say…

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You have been so supportive and helpful during this stressful time.  Really felt like you were invested in us.  Hopefully we have something to celebrate soon.

Sharon MacLeod February 11, 2020